Remember Colin Powell, whose lies at the United Nations gave us a pretext for war with Iraq? A war that has cost the US trillions of dollars, the death or wounding of tens of thousands of US troops, and the total destruction of a sovereign nation – including the deaths of well over a million Iraqi citizens?

Well, according to this press release, America’s Promise – the organization he helped to found, and for which his wife continues to serve as Chair – was moved to action by this week’s school shooting in Florida, and has vowed action:

This week, a colleague had to have another conversation with her nine-year-old son about school safety and what to do if his school was to ever go into lockdown. Another colleague received a message about lockdown drills for his two and a half-year-old son.

It is a harrowing ordeal for any parent — for any kid — to have to talk about how to stay alive when their life may be in danger. But it is even more alarming when you have to think about this happening in what is supposed to be one of the safest places for young people — our schools.

This type of tragedy should never happen, and it is becoming an all too common occurrence. We must not become accustomed to these events – this cannot be the new normal.

America’s Promise has called a special meeting of its Trustee partners to embark on an honest conversation about what must happen to eradicate this culture of violence in our schools and create a better, safer world for young people.

Whether it is the need for more school counselors in schools, a call to support more mental health screenings in communities, or gun safety laws, we must all be willing to take the necessary steps to protect our most valuable and vulnerable resources or risk failing our young people.

Obviously the shootings in Florida were beyond horrific, and I don’t ever want to see any child hurt, or worried about getting hurt. Every child should feel, and be, safe. But for this organization to wring its hands about a handful of school shootings in the US, while ignoring the metric tons of blood on Powell’s hands from his actions to start the Iraq War – including that of hundreds of thousands of Iraqi children –  is just a bit much. No organization that willingly affiliates with Colin Powell has any right to participate in any discussion about violence in society.




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